Moving to Oak Park? Interested in living in Oak Park? The neighborhoods of Oak Park are filled with the community's most valuable asset - people.

Families, children, singles, partners, seniors. People who are different yet united in spirit. Who take time to shop at the farmers' market. Watch fireworks on the Fourth of July. Shovel each other out in a snowstorm. People who aren't afraid to get their feet wet - together - at Ridgeland Commons and Rehm Park swimming pools. Who play games in the streets and barbeque together at over 300 block parties each summer. People who, together, form the very essence of the village. Living side by side in neighborhoods where the homes are as varied as the people living within them. Painted ladies and Prairie Style architecture next to neat stucco, frame and brick homes. Vintage apartment buildings amidst bungalows. New construction and ongoing restoration, both inside and out. Like the people who live here, these homes contribute a unique sense of character to their surroundings.

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