Oak Park has an active Disability Access Commission. The commission recognizes businesses, organizations and other entities in Oak Park that provide extraordinary accessibility for patrons with disabilities and their families. Oak Park is also accessible to visitors with special needs. 

Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio:

  • The Museum Shop and restrooms are accessible.
  • The Studio, including the drafting room, octagonal library, Wright’s office, the reception area and the exterior, is accessible to standard-size wheelchairs.
  • The Trust has one standard-size wheelchair available for guests at the Home and Studio.
  • The Home is not accessible to wheelchairs of any size as all entries to the Home have stairs.
  • The Studio balcony is not accessible to wheelchairs. It is only accessible by a steep, narrow stairway.
  • Guests in wheelchairs may request to view the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio video.


Unity Temple:

  • Unity Temple’s accessible entry via a ramp is located on the east side of the building.
  • Exterior, entry hall, and main floor of Unity House are accessible. The main floor of the sanctuary is accessible with the use of a wheelchair stair lift.

Frank Lloyd Wright Historic Neighborhood Walking Tours:

  • The Historic Neighborhood Walking Tour is 100% accessible to guests who use wheelchairs. This tour travels at a self-guided pace via accessible public sidewalks and is about .75 miles.

Ernest Hemingway Birthplace Museum:

  • The birthplace is accessible to standard size wheelchairs. An outdoor lift adjacent to the front porch is available for access to the front door entry, the museum has an elevator for access to all floors.
  • Note: The museum does not have a wheelchair on the premises.



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