Shop Local: Riverside’s Artisan Spirit

Sure, buying a gift card or shopping at a mass retailer is convenient—but does it feed your soul? From handcrafted art glass to chocolate or spirits, Riverside’s talented makers, creators, and artisans have you covered.

Handmade Treasures

Higgins Glass, located at 33 E. Quincy Street, is a family owned business specializing in one-of-a-kind glass creations including bowls, plates, mobiles and more. What started over 70 years ago in a small studio in Chicago has grown and expanded into the stunning shop and studio in Riverside which has been featured in Architectural Digest, HGTV and more.


Handmade pieces line the shelves at Higgins Glass

Colorsmith Stained Glass Studio, located at 8 E. Quincy Street, is Riverside’s best-kept secret. David Condon’s stained-glass studio has been manufacturing and restoring stained glass windows for everything from churches to single-family homes to the White House for over thirty years. With all the facets of an exquisite museum, Colorsmith offers a great day of culture in Riverside. This studio is filled with beautiful and interesting pieces to check out.


Riverside Flavor

Flùr, located at 1 Riverside Road, is a gluten-free bakery making delicious baked goods and pastries of the highest quality. Pastry Chef Adriana Saldaña-Meadath pride herself on using only the best ingredients which are locally sourced whenever possible and never using artificial flavoring or preservatives. 

Quincy Street Distillery, located at 39 East Quincy Street, is an artisanal, small batch distiller of spirits.  While specializing in whiskies, they also distill everything from vodka and gin to absinthe and moonshine.  Sourcing their ingredients locally and focusing on purity and flavor have made them a local favorite and an award-winning distiller.  Forget what you think you know about your favorite spirit and taste the difference handcrafted distilling makes in the speakeasy style bar or schedule a tasting tour. 

Quincy Street Bottles

Bottles of spirits at Quincy Street Distillery

Aunt Diana’s Old Fashioned Fudge, located at 29 E. Burlington Street, has been a Riverside favorite for old fashioned and contemporary candy. Using only the freshest ingredients, owner Patty Miglore has been making homemade fudge, caramel apples, caramel corn, peanut brittle and more since 1973.

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