Brookfield Historical Society and Museum

Standing proud on its new site at 8820-1/2 Brookfield Avenue, the newly restored 1889 Grossdale Historic Train Station is a stunning example of historic preservation.  Its new location near the junction of Brookfield Avenue and Prairie Avenue along the banks of the Salt Creek is perfect as it was the site of the original village hall and it now houses the Brookfield Historical Society and Museum

Brookfield History Museum 8

Slated to be torn down in 1977, the Grossdale Historic Train Station had been there for several years before Brookfield even existed. Community support not only saved the building but also got it moved across the railroad tracks and into its current location—a feat so large Chicago news outlets covered it and had camera crews follow the progress. Now fully restored, the beautiful two story brick building is ready to welcome visitors again.

Brookfield History Museum 6

The fully restored museum exterior

The museum is packed with memorabilia from Brookfield’s past, including the original clay mold for the lion statue which is now at the Zoo Stop on the Metra Train Line. Additionally, the second story apartment is open for visitors and furnished as if the station manager still lived there.

Brookfield History Museum 10

Although the museum itself is only open once per month, there are occasionally events here, most notably for the Monsters on Main Street the week of Halloween and Meet the Creek in June, both of which are local favorites.  Even if the museum is not open, the expansive front porch serves as a welcome for you to come closer and admire the historic structure. Take in the attention to detail of its restoration and enjoy its creek side view.

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