Breakfast in Brookfield

Mornings in Brookfield are always made better with a nice freshly brewed cup of coffee and a good breakfast. You’ll be glad for it if you’re going to be spending a day at the zoo or the arcade. 

If you just want that cup of coffee and maybe something light you should check out Loca Mocha Café, located at 8836 Brookfield Avenue. This neighborhood favorite is located across from the Brookfield train station. Loca Mocha Café specialize in coffees, teas, and hot chocolates. This cozy cafe have been named a Reader’s Choice by Suburban Life Magazine. 

Gosia’s Coffee Shop, located at 8836 Brookfield Avenue, is another quaint coffee shop with great beverages. Be sure to try sandwiches, too.

Brookfield Breakfast Marys Morning MixUp5

Feed the whole family at Mary's Morning Mix-Up

Other Breakfast Spots

For a full breakfast experience filled with lots of character, Mary’s Morning Mix Up is a must.  Conveniently close to the zoo, at 9110 Broadway Avenue, Mary’s has all your standard breakfast items. You won’t be able to resist the specialties, like the snicker’s pancakes loaded with all the toppings you’d find in the famous candy bar. Or try the green eggs and ham. Don’t worry, the green coloring comes from the spinach.

You can experience breakfast from half a world away at Skadarliya, located at 9237 Ogden Avenue. Here you can try an authentic Balkan-style breakfast. Head over on Sunday for the noon to 5:00 p.m. buffet.

Start your day in Brookfield right at one of these favorite morning spots.

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