Wright in River Forest

Frank Lloyd Wright’s first major commission as an independent architect was in River Forest.  The Winslow House, which is now on the National Register of Historic Places, was completed in 1894.  Frank Lloyd Wright later called the home at 515 Auvergne Avenue the first “prairie house” and it is one of six he designed in River Forest.  A walking or bike tour is an excellent way for you to see all six.  

530 Edgewood Place is the Chauncey Williams House which was the first of Wrights commissions to show an Asian influence. The Isabel Roberts House at 603 Edgewood Place is often cited as the first split-level house. The William Hatch House at 306 Keystone Avenue is where you will see Wright’s take on the Queen Anne style. It is also on the National Register of Historic Places.  The Arthur Davenport House at 559 Ashland Avenue is unusual because of its gabled roof and flared eaves.  The River Forest Tennis Club, 615 Lathrop Avenue and the Kibben Ingalls House, 562 Keystone Avenue are also designs by Wright.

The River Forest Historic Preservation Commission publishes a convenient map of all these homes and 26 others of note to help with your walking or bike tour.  Additionally, the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust also hosts the annual Wright Plus home tour, a rare opportunity to see the inside of some of these homes. 

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