Oak Park's Marvelous Mini Murals

Since 2010, the Oak Park Area Arts Council has been working toward their long range goal “to intersperse colorful public art where possible along the entire length of the railroad from Harlem Avenue to Austin Boulevard.”  With 120 mini murals already in place, they are well on their way.  The first mural in place is the ice skating snowman.  From there the mural topics range from local landmarks to abstracts to quirky.  A rooster, kids grocery shopping, a train engine, several dogs and even a girl with her pet dinosaur are just a few of the Marvelous Mini Murals for you to come and see.  

Getting there is easy.  “Murals already have been painted on the railroad embankments along North and South boulevards at Oak Park Avenue near the Green Line station, as well as both east and west of Marion Street. Murals also have been installed on South Boulevard east of Taylor Street and west of Lombard Avenue.”  

All mini murals must follow a set of general guidelines and go through an application process so what you will see are some true artistic achievements.  A beautiful rendition of urban art.

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